Please follow the below listed instructions and utilize APA format.

Complete 1

Here’s the link to the pdf:

First, read Bass’s story. Then, read it again. Then, read it again. Why? Because when it comes to making a strong literary argument or writing literary criticism you have to be familiar with your subject first before you can write about it. 

Next, I want you to write 1-2 paragraphs about ONE fiction element in Wolff’s story. In order to understand what I mean by ‘fiction element’, you’ll want to review the below listed elements of fiction.

PLOT, CHARACTER,  SETTING, POINT OF VIEW,  STYLE & TONE, SYMBOL, and THEME(*theme is particularly important because all the elements of fiction in a story work together to deduce what the ‘theme(s)’ of a story is/are)

So, choose one of the elements above and in 1-2 paragraphs discuss why you think it’s a particularly effective aspect of the story. Begin your paragraph with a thesis. For example, “The narrator’s retrospective perspective in Bass’s story is really compelling because X, Y, Z.” Or, “I think the setting in Bass’s story is critical to the story’s development and plot.” 

You can take WHATEVER position you want and discuss WHATEVER (fiction element) you want, but you MUST support your ideas by including no fewer than 2-3 details/passages/quotes from the story. This is VERY important. When you support your ideas be sure to put the page number in parenthesis.

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