This paper is a personal, visual analysis of works on display at any art museum or gallery, and a description of your experience of the gallery/museum environment as a whole. This paper is expected to be 100% your own words- do not quote or paraphrase any source.

The paper is expected to be 1-2 pages in length (double-spaced).

The primary focus of your discussion should be the object(s) observed at the gallery/museum and an analysis of the gallery/museum space itself.

Part 1 (50 points):

Look at the gallery/museum space around you, and take notice of the layout and lighting of the current exhibition. Do you think that the curators of

this exhibit made the best use of the space and lighting? If so, what aspects about the layout of the show do you enjoy most? If not, then how would you plan it differently?

Part 2 (50 points):

Pick your most or least favorite work of art on display. Which piece did you select? What exactly is appealing or unattractive about this work? Does it evoke any positive or negative memories? In general, how does this work make you feel?

The Art Gallery offers rotating contemporary art exhibits, and the Museum houses a permanent Native American art collection along with other rotating exhibits.

If you’re unable to be present physically in a Museum or Gallery, then utilize the Museum or Gallery’s website to answer the questions. Comment on the layout and design of the website instead of the physical space.

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