Please read: “Nguyen Execution” and “California Execution Debate” (PDFs) and answer the following questions:

Q1: In “Nguyen Execution” we see several different news stories (from different reporters, presses & countries). How does the story change based on the selection and arrangement of facts & information? Is the narrative different in each of the stories? Are some more empathetic/sympathetic towards Van? More critical? How is this established? Compare and contrast these 4 articles, looking specifically for how the selection and arrangement of the facts construct vastly different portraits of who Van is and whether his punishment is just.

Q2: Examine the differences between the articles about Albert Brown’s execution in California. Do the headlines and introductory paragraphs “frame” the story in a particular way? Compare and contrast the focus of these three articles. Do some cast Brown in a more sympathetic light? Others in a more negative one? How do they accomplish this? Look at the tone, word choice, syntax or arrangement of these 3 articles—how do the authors establish credibility?

Q3: How do we decide on what is just? Clearly, this is one of the harder to define concepts, but give it a try. Justice relies, to a large extent, on our cultural values (crimes and punishments change from place to place and from era to era). But what is consistent about the idea of justice? It’s important to consider values (as we’ll see throughout the course of the semester, we often make judgments based on values rather than facts). What is the connection between justice and our cultural values?

Just one paragraph for each question and doesn’t need too long.

Please no plagiarism.

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