same like last week.

you know where to find it .

**********************************************assignment 1 *********************

History 2002

  • Week 10 Resources

  • Assignment

    Final Project

    Please attach your final project here. It should be in the format of a Microsoft Word document. Remember to include your bibliography in MLA format. All papers should have a title, introduction and conclusion.

  • Discussion Board

    Week 10 Discussion

    Review the attached article on hostility to immigration. Although it refers to a time period of 20 years ago, it is quite relevant today. What other times and places have we studied where these same sentiments boiled to the surface? What parallels can you draw between conditions described here and in other examples, or in modern day situations?
    Reactions Against Immigrants.pdf

Final project it you already done 2 part. you remember the one assignment called:

Bibliography Final Research Project

and your work is on the file. and the request is also on the file

**********************************************assignment 2 *********************

HOSP 4060

Make up the assignment that I missed. FROM WEEK 7 .

  • Item

    Review: EFE and IFE Template

    I have a specific way I’d like you to lay out your IFE and EFE for our class. The example can be downloaded by clicking on the image below. NOTE: I’d like your submission to be completed in Excel, NOT Word. I will provide you with a blank Excel template – this link will show you a completed Word template.

  • Assignment

    Assignment IFE, EFE and CPM

    Attached Files:

    Now that you’ve revised your SWOT, use your new Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to complete the IFE, EFE and CPM template.Please note that this file has some locked cells and formulas, and will work best in MS Excel, which is available for free from JWU. Your final submission should be in Excel.


finish final paper

Final Paper – Due Friday, Feb 23rd at 11:59 PM

For our final paper, we’re going to try to put it all together, from beginning to end.

The paper will be on the restaurant Attica – you may remember this restaurant from Week 2, when we discussed sustainability. As a refresher, I have provided links to a video on Attica, along with a link to the restaurant’s website below. To complete this assignment, you MUST do some original research on Attica above and beyond the two links below!

Your paper should have four parts.

Part 1- PESTEL Analysis (5 points)

Using the format we used for all our PESTEL assignments, find 6 articles from SLACK you feel are relevant to the long term success of Attica. These articles can be the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Ecological, or Legal categories, but ideally it would be a mix from many of the categories. Remember: these articles should be truly rel2 -evant to this restaurant!

Part 2 – SWOT Analysis (5 points)

Your SWOT Analysis should contain a minimum of 3 strengths, 3 weaknesses, 3 opportunities, and 3 threats.

  • Your bullet points for the SWOT should be extremely brief, but clear and leave no room for misinterpretation. Single words like “People” under strengths or weaknesses doesn’t cut it – you need to provide enough detail that the reader knows what you’re referring to.
  • Remember: The SWOT is simply laying out the facts as they currently exist. This is NOT where you come up with solutions – that comes in step 4.
    • Remember: the Opportunities and Threats are EXTERNAL, and apply to Attica and it’s competition equally.
  • For your SWOT, most of your Opportunities and Threats should come from directly from the articles you found during your PESTEL analysis.

  • The Strengths and Weaknesses are INTERNAL and should come from your original research on Attica.
    • The best place to understand the strengths and weaknesses will be from restaurant review sites, and newspaper reviews.

Part 3 – IFE and EFE Analysis (5 points)

For your IFE and EFE, you will use the same bullets you used in your SWOT.

  • Use the template provided
  • Be sure to read any comments you received on your IFE and EFE submission from earlier in the trimester!

Part 4 – SWOT Matrix (5 points)

Perform a SWOT Matrix using the information gathered from your SWOT.

  • Again, be sure to read any feedback you received on your SWOT Matrix Assignment a few weeks ago.
  • Make sure your suggestions on things the restaurant can do a practical and reflect the research you did in the SWOT. This is where you come up with SOLUTIONS.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your papers!

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