1. Epidemiologist use an ?agent-host-environment? triad (sometimes adding ?vector? as a forth category) to explorer the factors that contribute to infectious disease in communities. Describe the ?AHE? factors that are associated with a selected diarrheal infection, a respirator infection, a vectorborne infection and an STI.
    1. How do the AHE factors differ for the four diseases you selected?
    2. What do the AHEs indicate about disease control and prevention strategies?
  1. What are some specific behavioral changes you can make and actions you can take that will reduce your risk of acquiring infections?
  2. What are some infectious diseases that are endemic in your community? What are some epidemics that have occurred recently?
  3. What infectious diseases meet the criteria for eradication and would be good candidates for a global eradication campaign?
  4. Of all the infectious disease mentioned in this chapter, which one would you most like to eradicate? Why?
  5. include at least three references not older than five years.

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