Elevator Speech/ Personal Commercial

Every person looking to succeed or to make a sale should have a 30 second personal commercial at their disposal. This ?elevator speech,? as it has been coined, contains the following:

1) Your introduction? your name

2) What you do?this transcends just your job title. It explains, often creatively, what you DO. I.e., you do not sell cars, you make sure that each customer has the perfect vehicle to fit his or her needs.

3) A power statement?this shows what you can do for the person to whom you are delivering the speech.

4) A power question?a question that gets the listener thinking about how they can use your product or services.

5) A setup for a meeting?usually this is a freebie?meeting them for coffee or somewhere where you can talk to them more about the opportunity you are presenting.

powerful 5 sentences

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