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1/ discussion

Please watch The City in History Video. Find an element of your hometown or a city near you that demonstrates BOTH

  • one of the “recipe ingredients” for a civilization AND
  • one of the objectives for our Creative Spirit Course.

Please post YOUR example, showing why you chose it to meet the requirements and comment in a meaningful fashion on two of your colleagues’ posts. Try to help your colleagues develop their ideas by offering ideas/examples they might not have considered. Try to avoid short responses like: I agree! You rock! While positive statements are absolutely welcome — take the analysis further.

Please comment on two different colleagues’ postings than your previous discussion board. You may — of course — comment on MORE than two!

Please post your contribution AND responses to colleagues complete by Friday.


Please create a thread and upload a copy of your “Out and About” assignment.

Please upload your file

Please then complete this discussion


Please offer comments on two of your colleagues’ posts no later than WEDNESDAY after the assignment is due. Specifically, comment on how well your colleagues’ submissions address one of the objectives of the Creative Spirit. Can you support their efforts with an example of your own?

3/ discussion

We are working on Antigone.

Find two reasons why Creon is right. Find two reasons why Antigone is right.

Find quotes from the play to support each side.

Who is correct and why? Who has the best interests of the city at heart?

Let’s debate.


Please post the results of your work, showing why each has a case.

Please then comment on two of your colleagues’ posts. Do so in a meaningful way to earn full credit. Remember — you have a paper to write. This can help!

4/ Assignement

Virtual “Out and About” in Your City


Find an activity associated with the city and the arts or entertainment and go there — in person or virtually! Your venue MUST be a venue supported by public tax dollars. Please be safe and respect Covid-19 social distancing protocols. Be safe.

If you are in Wichita, consider the Veterans? Memorials on the river or the Keeper of the Plains. Check out the websites for Botanica, Exploration Place or InTrust Bank Arena! This could be a reflection on an event or space you have visited in the past.

If you can get “Out and About” safely — Please do so. But please be safe and use your virtual resources.

1. Present your results in writing.

  • Please take care to present your writing in a professional manner.
  • Please offer one paragraph on what you did and where you went.
  • Then one other paragraph on how your event reflects one of the goals for the Creative Spirit component of the NSP below.

2. Please then post in two places. Here and at the Discussion Board to follow.

Core Objectives

  • How do we engage in the creative spirit?
  • Where does human creativity come from?
  • How does the creative spirit lead us toward transcendence?
  • How does the creative spirit connect and link us to each other?
  • Where can we recognize expressions of our creative spirit? (Literature, Music, Art, Theater/ Film, Dance)
  • How has the creative spirit influenced various aspects of society? (History, Government, Business, Science)

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