Write a 5-page paper on 1 of the 2 case studies focusing on the interagency relationships and the success or failure of the effort to date. Assess why the effort has failed or succeeded. Focus on bureaucratic interests, politics, and decision-making models in your analysis. Choose 1 of the following on which to write your paper:

  • Outline and explain the political, bureaucratic, and rational factors behind the evolution of cybersecurity strategy and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) organizations to address cybersecurity from 2003 to the present. Tell why a separate Officer for Cybersecurity and Communications was created and the consequences of this reorganization with regard to a unified approach to critical infrastructure protection within DHS. Make observations or recommendations on how cybersecurity and physical security concerns, interests, and organizations could be improved.
  • Review the creation and evolution of the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative (CNCI), and outline its impact on the maturity of the cybersecurity mission across government. The review should outline the need for and focus on interagency collaboration and highlight successes or failures from that initiative.

Develop a single PowerPoint slide that shows the cybersecurity-related roles, responsibilities, and authorities and how they interrelate between DHS, DOJ, and DoD. Each of the agencies plays a critical role in establishing and implementing cybersecurity policy. Refer to Presidential Policy Directive 8, which provides definitions for protection, prevention, response, recovery, and so forth as categories for how these agency roles may overlap or complement each other.

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