in a 3 page paper, not including title and reference pages, address issues of the Early Childhood Education Governance in your paper:

A.) Briefly summarize the 3 phases of ECE governance and give an example of each phase (Phase I: The Programmatic Approach; Phase II: Coordination and Collaboration; Phase III: Moving Toward Shared Responsibility and Accountability)

B.) Focusing on Phase III: Moving Toward Sharing Responsiblity and Accountability, evaluate the three versions of administrative integration (stand alone, blended, and subsumed) from the perspective of your own defined philosophy of education. Explain how each version aligns or contrast with your own philosophy and prior experience with the versions in your work.

C.) Identify and describe which of the five issues (issue of balance, issue of durability, issue of funding, issue of public support for governance, and/or issue of values) presents the greatest challenge to building authority and accountability into governance entities in early education and care setting.

APA format with two or more sources. 

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