In assignment 1 you made recommendations for XYZ Inc. with respect to the creation of an Ethics Officer and Code of Ethics. In a paper of 500 – 750 words, given the same set of facts, although now with the Ethics Officer and Code of Ethics in place, you will need to recommend a comprehensive education program designed to teach and reinforce critical knowledge, skills and abilities that will promote the changes in organizational culture that had developed around the issue of ?over selling?.

In creating this approach to infusing ethics into the XYZ culture, you must use ideas from at least three different chapters from the Sekerka text assigned for this particular lesson (Chapters 1, 2, 4, 7-10 & 15). You may also use whatever other materials we have studied this semester to help explain your approach. Fully explain why each of your ideas is important to the success of your plan.

In supporting your recommendations, use appropriate APA citations.

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