1.Explain how prehistoric Minoan and Mycenaean art and architecture may reveal contact with ancient civilizations from Egypt and the Near East. Think of both the influences of form, how things look as well as content, the meaning and uses.Compare and contrast the Egyptian styles of wall painting with Minoan wall paintings both in terms of form and content.

2.Compare and contrast Minoan and Mycenaean art (not architecture.) Despite exhibiting the influence of Minoan art, why did Mycenaean art and architecture develop along different lines (Example: Minoan Havester Vase v. Mycenaean Warrior Vase & Bull Jumper v. Inlaid Dagger)

3.The name for the culture on Crete stems largely from the false assumption that Sir Arthur Evans had found the legendary Palace of King Minos and his labrynth. Our world view is patriarchal in the sense that we assume cultures with a palace and a high degree of civilization must be ruled by a King with the exceptions proving the rule, rather than breaking it. Recent scholarship points to Crete as a civilization that was goddess centered and matriarchal. If we accept this interpretation, it conflates many long held beliefs about Crete, Minoan Culture, and our own culture and its potential evolution. Evaluate the evidence in images of women from cycladic and Minoan society to discuss this issue.

4.Both Heinrich Schlieman and Sir Arthur Evans projected their fantasies of bringing the ancient mythological Greek world into historical reality. fulfilling this fantasy was their obsession. The upside is that they introduced great attention to archaeology, yet both did not find what they thought they had. This has affected the names of objects, monuments, and the entire culture in the case of Minoan. Should we keep these names? or should we look for more historically accurate and appropriate names to supplant them with. when you answer, list specific examples like the Treasure of Atreus. Are there examples you can think of that have taken place in the last 50 years?

5.Compare and contrast the Palace at Knossos and the Citadel of Tyrns.Discuss how geography affected artistic and contrast the materials, techniques, and appearance of Minoan and Mycenaean architecture. Think about the differing ornamental strategies in Minoan and Mycenaean architecture and the role of animals in Minoan and Mycenaean art.

6.The text lists specific hypothesis for the decline of the Minoan civilization. It is a topic that has fascinated scholars of the ancient world. Do a bit of research and briefly summarize all the theories for Minoan decline and defend one as the most plausible.

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