M2 Assignment – Famous Family Case Study

Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln before he became President. Their family life was as interesting as their public lives.

For this assignment you’ll be writing a 3 page paper (excluding cover and reference pages) — a case study of a famous family.

Choose a family in history or entertainment. Give a brief synopsis of issues that have been publicly shared. Based on what you have explored thus far in the readings, videos and discussion, apply to this family the concepts you’ve learned. Examine the family dynamic, examine potential causes for the issues, apply any techniques or strategies that you think could assist the family.

Your written assignment must include relating your discussion to the readings in our textbook up to this point in the course (the chapters assigned for Modules One and Two Chapters 1-5). Please cite using APA style.

The text is called, family therapy AN overview by irene,herbert goldenberg and mark stanton 9th edition.

http://tasnimnoor.com/Portals/0/Leisure/Family%20T… is the seventh edition model from the internet.

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