I want one paragraph for each part as feedback comment to my classmate work at the discussion. First I’ll but my answer and example for the feedback that I got to my answer so you can know what is my thought for this assignment then I’ll but the classmate answer that you need to give them feedback as a response from me in this discussion,

Example answer:

Warner Bros company is an entertainment firm that is broad and fully integrated, known for its production, creation, licensing and marketing of various entertainments belonging to its affiliated businesses. The company has an immense library consisting of programming, films and television programs that run for many hours. Therefore, being one of the largest entertainment company in the world, Warner Bros company can utilize Trello to its advantage especially in project management. Trello is a web-based collaboration tool that provides a visual outline of tasks, those responsible for such duties and their progress. The advantage of incorporating this tool is that it can be used by a single person or a team of two hundred plus individual.
Given the many projects of Warner Bros company, Trello can be used to communicate with the company?s employees by sharing contacts, images, scripts, calendars as well as other project documents. By integrating Google Drive, Trello can allow the company to formulate a workflow that is entirely paperless but virtual. Moreover, a lot of the projects can be edited and designed according to the company?s demands. Since it used lists, boards, and cards, Trello can craft easy-to-use online systems of project management. Its three constitutes provide an arrangement of highly organized and decision-making action-taking. The boards can be formed to enlist all tasks and information relevant for specific projects and products while a card, signifying a vital element of a project such as idea or work, can be organized in a list, given their flexibility (Clyde, 2018). Also, cards can be used to write texts or attach files necessary for the company?s projects. Trello?s ability to enhance team collaboration can allow Warner Bros company an opportunity to delegate tasks via cards to various teams and receive feedback in time using the due date feature

Feedback for Answer examples:

  • Great response on highlighting the best features of Trello. Pushing a paperless campaign is always a great way to get high response volume. I also agree that implementing contacts, images and/or scripts will be quite beneficial for Warner Bros as they communicate and work through tasks on Trello.
  • Bashaer, I agree with you. I think the biggest benefits of Trello is that in the modern age of complex spreadsheets on Google Docs, apps on our phones that ping us every five seconds, and the total chaos and confusion of social media, this is an app that looks simple and straightforward. It looks like just a few little cards and boards on the screen.


I have used Trello on a few projects with clients, 2016-present. It allows you to share so much and the layout is very pleasing to the eye. The Cardwall feature almost reminds me of a pintrest/social media feel to it, and the Calendar view is a must when you have many working together to meet a deadline. You can share ideas rapidly and it pairs with Google Drive & Google Calendar well, a must for me. I believe they still meet stringent security protocols, so that the program won?t create a lot of waves for their IT people. It is not as easy to use as Basecamp, but I would rate it easier to use than Asana. It is more affordable than Asana as well.

That said the Cardwall is eye catching and engaging for new users and old users. You have the person?s photo on the cards they are responsible for completing and it shows on their calendar and Google calendar. This is huge for freelancers and regulars, who are balancing busy schedules.

We have created whole marketing campaigns through this tool, from concepts and people sending in ideas and what they liked from other campaigns or competitor campaigns. Trello allows for multiple planning boards and moderation to move the project to the developmental board, where tasks are delegated and added to calendars.

It allows the project to be creative and organized.


Financial advisor in TD Ameritrade can use Trello to manage clients? stock trades as a trading journal. Trello is a project management tool for collaborative team projects. It?s 100% cloud-based and simple to use given its virtual whiteboard and sticky notes structure. It?s also very popular with many small and medium-size companies that need to manage projects across geographically-diverse teams.

At TD Ameritrade, it can use Trello for client task management, an integral part of a larger Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ecosystem that most financial advisors implement for their firms. This blog post will walk you through how TD Ameritrade implements Trello in the advisory practice and why the more flexible platform software approach (PaaS) versus the traditional industry-specific software approach could make sense for the environment.



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