LP3.1 Assignment: Key Legal Concepts

This assignment will assess Competency 3: Explore key legal concepts in policing.

Introduction: Certain landmark cases have provided clarity to aspects of the Bill of Rights and how they are applied in modern life. In this assignment, you will examine one of these landmark cases and prepare a presentation on it for your classmates.

Directions: Choose one of the landmark cases below:
? Miranda v. Arizona
? Mapp v. Ohio
? Terry v. Ohio

For the case you have chosen, find:

  • 1-2 additional high-quality resources that present information about the case. These do not have to be readings; they may be videos, podcasts, infographics, and/or other multimedia.

    To ensure that you find high-quality resources, we suggest you use the “Related Cases” and “Further Reading in the resources linked above,” .gov sites, or reputable media such as PBS or the Annenberg Classroom. Do not use Wikipedia or similar crowd-sourced sites.

  • names and summaries of 3 related cases. Annenberg Classroom’s timelines may prove useful here:

Next, prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 4-6 slides to “teach” your case to your classmates. Your presentation should:
? Identify the key legal concepts in the case.
? Identify and describe some of the related cases; that is, cases that took shape because of this ruling.
? Explain how the case affects law enforcement.
? Explain how the case affects our daily lives.
? Include the additional high-quality resources about this case that you located in Step 1.

Include at least 3 images to add visual interest to your presentation. A title page and reference page in APA style should also be included; these do not count toward your total slide number.

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