Please respond in 7 sentences or more to this discussion:

Good evening,

The Five K?s are as follows:

1.Kirpan (A small sword) ? willingness to stand up fight for justice

2.Kanga (Comb) – keeping the hair neat

3.Kara (Steel bracelet) ? personal reminder of God?s servants

4.Kachhera (cotton underwear) ? ensures modesty

5.Kesh (Bushy Hair/Uncut hair) – respect for what God created

Their interpretation was mostly spiritual and the practice of equality of the Sikhism; e.g., same type of clothing for men and women.

Religions use symbols and clothing to express their faith to stand out from the others and in a subliminal way. This one in particular expressed their hairdos and attachments as subliminal messages that Sikhism is the alternative path to find God in the most significant way as opposed to the others.

The one “K” that intrigues me the most is the Uncut hair. Although many cultures wear this type of expression, I find it extremely interesting as to how it is kept neat and healthy through time and space.
I have a few friends that wear their hair like that but yet I have not asked the reasoning behind out of respect.
Perhaps, this will give me the courage to ask as an educational or cultural question without implying or staring.


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