two separated question. MUST BE APA. answer the question clear and concise.

1. find an example of a non-criminal matter/story (no crime involved) that began on social media and subsequently broke through into traditional media sources (TV or Print Media). Provide the link, story summary, and describe how the story developed, from the story?s inception in social through the mainstream media. Example (you cannot use this one): Death of Michael Jackson was first reported on Twitter by TMZ and went viral.

2. Find two examples from different media outlets on the same story. Copy & a paste link of the source.

  • Compare and contrast the stories (i.e. writing styles, use of information, use of words, objectives, etc.).
  • Suppose you knew nothing about this story, and you had only read the information you have cited:
    • Do you believe the media reports were sensationalized and if so, how did the media ?spin? or change the original story?
    • Overall, which version do you like better and why?

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