• Use your weekly SEC 10-K reports in completing your first draft of the presentation Post a draft of your presentation in the SEC 10-K Discussion for Week Six. Your power point slides presentation is to be submitted as an Assignment by April 30 in your assignment folder.

  • No more than 10 -12 powerpoint slides.

  • The first slide must include the name of the company, the name of the class, student?s name, and professor?s name.

  • The last slide will contain at least two citations (references). The remaining slides must contain a reflection of your answers and completion of weekly requirements for weeks one through five and to include the requirements listed below.

  • The beginning of the slide(s) after the first slide needs to include 1) a brief summarized the description of your company?s business, 2) your company?s products and 3) a listing of your company?s divisions (or segments)

  • Do not cut and paste from your weekly answers and requirements or the information in your company?s SEC 10-K reports.

  • Make sure that all sides contain approximately the same amount of information.

  • Use visual cues like bullets, graphics, tables, spreadsheets, color, etc. to engage and captivate your audience.

  • You could use bar graphs to show the sales (revenues), gross profit, net income and inventory balances for the three years with footnotes showing the changes (trends) in amounts and percentages.

  • Imagine that you are presenting this information to an audience of potential investors. How would they react to each slide? How do the slides portray the financial condition, the share of the market and control over operations of your company?

  • Include the balances for three years for sales, gross profit, net income, and inventory.

  • The amounts shown throughout the powerpoint slides need to be the same as that on the company?s SEC 10-K report.

  • Make sure the slides do not contain errors (mathematically, misspelled words or grammar errors).

  • Feel free to attach an audio component if you wish to enhance it even further.

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