Turn in a documented paper of at least 4 typed pages of text (3.9 pages is not enough) plus “works cited” page. You may include as many charts, graphs, photos, et as you but they do not count toward the text total. You must make substantial use of at least 3 books and at least 5 articles as sources. No cover page. Use the format shown in the sample paper pages of the Hacker handbooks. Standard MLA page format (one-inch margins, double-space everything, font no larger than 12-point, etc.) Use a paper or other removable fastener to hold it together. No staples All information except direct quotes is to be presented in your own words. Simply changing a word or two in the source sentence is not sufficient: you must completely restate the ideas from the source in your own words. Along with your paper, tum in five (5) source pages from any of your sources, highlighted to show where you got the information on that page that you used in your paper They can be five pages from one source, or one page from each of five sources, two pages from one source, etc., as long as you actually used info from each page in your paper, and the source. Make sure the source of each page is visible on each source page don’t leave me guessing where the page came from. I cannot grade your paper without these pages. You may not use an encyclopedia as a source. Wikipedia is unreliable and should not be used, except perhaps as a background source (for finding out your author’s nationality, famous works, etc) to get you started on your research. A paper that does not use MLA style for source citation and “works cited” page form will receive a grade of zero. A paper that is substantially plagiarized from the source materials or from another paper will receive a grade of zero. Your papers will be graded on writing ability, strength of research, use of source material in your text, and correct use of MLA format. All of these areas must be strong in order for the paper to receive a strong grade Good online databases for literary articles: Academic OneFile, Dictionary of Literary Biography; JSTOR-Arts and Sciences Literature Resources from Gale, Twayne Authors Series, etc. Pick one of the following authors. The first half of your paper should be biography ofthe author. For the second half, find literary criticism of one or more of the author’s works, and report on what those critics say about the work(s Willa Cather J. D. Salinger Nikolay Gogol William Butler Yeats Henry Miller Octavia Butler Ralph Ellison Gunter Gras George Sand Ayn Rand

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