Hands on Birmingham

on Birmingham, was formed in July 1998 and became a nonprofit
corporation in 1999. HOB provides flexible hands-on volunteer
opportunities for busy people. Due to the difficult economy issues
during the start of the organization, the organization shifted its
funding from corporations to grants and foundations. HOB is in the midst of expanding all of its services into the counties in Alabama. Hands
on Birmingham mission, is to connect people with organized and
meaningful volunteer opportunities to improve their community.
vision is that volunteers can inspire change in the community. Basing
beliefs on values such as: helping people, accountability, efficiency,
voluntary giving, and integrity & fairness.

Internl Factors

best thing about internal factors is that you can control many of them.
One internal factor that may impede the development of a successful
financial strategic plan within the government, could be the person put
in charge of grant writing for the organization. As mentioned earlier,
HOB receives funding through grants. A grant is a finical award given by
the federal, state or local government to
an eligible organization. A person in this role of grant writing could
be considered the finance officials. They must possess certain skills
to allow them to be successful in this role such as, understanding the
entire knowledge of entity?s operations, resources, and systems (Casey,
2010). Finance officials provide the expertise to best quantify the
funding and related resources that are required to accomplish strategic
plan goals (Casey, 2010). Another internal factor that can have a
negative impact on an organization?s financial strategic plan is high
employee turnover rates. Long- time employees have a deep history with
the company, and when they leave, so does their knowledge, skills, and
abilities, and the company?s investment to train the workers. The
organization probably went a great expense to either acquire or develops
that talent (Sarmad 2016).

External Factors

factors are all those things that are beyond your control. There are no
individual or organizational incentives to deviate from existing
controls toward more effective performance. In making budget proposal,
agency administrators are likely to seek more than what is needed to
cover the cost (Moynihan, 2006).
One external factor that may impede the development of a successful
financial strategic plan within the government could be meeting the
criteria to receive grants. Some of the issues that can arise during the
proposal of a grant include:

  • Time-consuming research on the granting agency before writing the grant.
  • Competition is fierce, and the success rate is low.
  • There are strings attached to the money you receive. You can’t do whatever you want with the funds.
  • Most grants are short term. When they run out, you have to start over.


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