Once you have completed all the self-assessments in the folder, write an essay that provides:

1. A summary of your results for ALL the self-assessments (e.g., MBTI, Learning Style, Listening), not just one of two of the assessments.


2. To evaluate what the results mean for you as a student, human, and future business person/employee (I?m going for critical thinking here). For example, ask:

  • How can knowing your learning style, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), listening skills, etc. benefit you personally and professionally?
  • How can knowing your learning style, MBTI, listening skills, etc. be helpful in your interactions with others?
  • How do you think knowing your learning style, MBTI, listening skills, etc. help you in your studies, lectures, meetings?

3. Format requirements include:

  • Page length is determined by how many pages you need to completely summarize and evaluate your self-assessment results and reflections.
  • 1-inch margins, double-space lines, 12-point font (Arial and Times New Roman are the common business fonts)
  • — there is more assessment I could not attach

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