The main objectives of these assignments are the reflection and the understanding of communication constructs.

The reaction paper is your opportunity to: (1) analyze what you have learned from ?theory? (2) against concepts/ideas that you intuit and implement in your daily interactions. Make certain to (3) illustrate your growing communication competency through analysis.

The assignment guidelines are as follows:

File type: .doc file only

Length: 3-6 pages of text (average)

Style: 1? margins on all sides; double spaced; Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman font style; Font-size 12

Submission: These assignments will be submitted via a virtual platform

Late assignments will not be accepted

Incomplete assignments will not be accepted

Assignment Instructions

Please view the assignment video below and address the following:

What do we consider to be a “legitimate” language? Can we keep our culture without its native language? Explain.

What role does society play in determining dominant language and the marginalization of other, non-dominant, languages? Explain.

How has speaking a “common-language” shaped our sense of our culture and identity? Explain.

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