1) provide excel work and work on word

An electrical contractor?s records during the last five weeks indicate the number of job requests:

Week 1-20 requests

week 2-22 requests

week 3-18 requests

week 4-21 requests

week 5-22 requests

Predict the number of requests for week 6 using each of these methods:

a. Naive

b. A four-period moving average

c. Exponential smoothing with a = .30; use 20 for week 2 forecast

2)List the specific weaknesses of each of the following approaches to developing a forecast.

a. Consumer surveys

b. Salesforce composite
c. Committee of managers or executives

3) Which type of forecasting approach, qualitative or quantitative, is better?

4) Choose the type of forecasting technique (survey, Delphi, averaging, seasonal, naive, trend, or associative) that would be most appropriate for predicting the:

a. Demand for Mother?s Day greeting cards.

b. Popularity of a new television series.

c. Demand for vacations on the moon.

d. Impact a price increase of 10 percent would have on sales of orange marmalade.

e. Demand for toothpaste in a particular supermarket.

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