One way to inform the public about an intervention program is through the use of billboards.

You will be creating a two-billboard campaign that aims to get the word out about your intervention program.

For this assignment:

  1. Select a target population within Sentinel City. You can assess Sentinel City by clicking the link below this assignment.
  2. Select a public health issue and provide an overview of the issue and its importance and any barriers that may affect the target population of interest.
  3. Design two types of culturally competent intervention strategies that are appropriate for the health issue you selected.
  4. Create two different billboards that reflect the selected intervention strategies for your public health issue. Include these billboards after you have written steps 2 and 3. Please be creative with these billboards. You can use Word or any program that can help you create billboards. You can draw them, use graphics or images, or anything else to get your intervention strategy out to the people.
  5. Submit a one page explanation of the meaning behind the billboard, target audience, main message and describe the importance of cultural competencies in association with action goals for each billboard in addition to what you have for items 1,2,3. You cannot use a current slogan/campaign/image; your message must be original.

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