Create a 15 to 20 minute PowerPoint presentation comparing the idea of our
criminal law system as adversarial to other descriptions of how a courtroom

The assignment should include
the following:

  • Submissions must be thought provoking and
    provide a critical analysis of the criminal
    law system.
  • If you select the PowerPoint presentation, it
    must contain a minimum of 20 slides.
  • Use the “notes” section of the
    PowerPoint to provide your analysis.  The PowerPoint slide should
    have minimum text and graphics.  The notes section will contain your
    analysis.  (This is the information you will share with an audience.)
  • 2 references – may
    be from the internet (not Wikipedia).  References should be located on the
    last slide of the PowerPoint presentation.
  • The PowerPoint must be free of spelling and
    grammatical errors.  

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