• After watching videos on abstracting, attempt to abstract all the information needed on the attached note by highlighting in word or printing the attachment.
  • Once abstracted, compare your information highlighted with the completed abstracted note, posted separately. Did you pull all the same information? Do you feel that you had different information? Feel free to include thoughts about these differences in your discussion post regarding questions below.
  • Once you?re comfortable with the information abstracted, make an attempt to code this using the root operation ?excision ?.

Use your code book for this activity, then use the encoder 3M to see if you come up with the same answer. Make sure to read all 3M notes/guidelines indicated with the? next to your selection options for proper coding

Go to 3M.ahima.org
Log in is:

Username: CNM001


Answer the following discussion questions

  • In your own words, how do you identify the difference between skin and subcutaneous tissue for coding?
  • Why do you think the provider uses the word skin, instead of following coding terminology of subcutaneous tissue, when talking about the cheek excisions?
  • When attempting to abstract and code this OP note, did you come up with the same information highlighted, and/or correct codes? If different, how do you feel you can ensure correct information going forward? If the same, how do you feel regarding your comfort level doing this activity?



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