To complete the assignment for this week, you are to read chapter 2 in your text (Introduction to criminal justice (9 edition)) , and then answer the following questions. All responses should be single-spaced, and in 12-point font. Be thorough in your answers. Put your responses into your own words, and provide citations for any sources that are used. Once completed, upload this assignment to the assignment #1 folder.

Citations do not necessarily have to be formal for this assignment, but you should state where you found the information. If you are unsure how to provide credit to another author for their work, please see the Purdue Owl Website for ASA style citations (

Final note: Do NOT use Wikipedia to support your answers. Only use academic or reputable sources.

Watch the Uniform Crime Report Video.Using this link (, answer the following questions:

1. Find and describe the current crime rates of your hometown according to the Uniform Crime Report (Using the 2016 data). How have these rates changed within the last five years? Compare current crime rates in the county in which you live to another county in the same state. Did anything surprise you? **Rate calculation: (number of crimes/total population) X 100,000

****If your hometown or home county did not report crime statistics, choose a neighboring or similarly sized town to evaluate

2. Social science research has shown that 53-66% of all crimes go unreported (Bohm and Haley 2018). Why might a victim not report a crime? How can the criminal justice system encourage victims to report more of these crimes (be specific)?

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