Your initial instructions are to take this customized interview and correlate it using the selected resources.

Interview Questions

  • What is her Name? Eloise
  • What is her Sex? Female
  • What is her Age? 89
  • What is her Marital Status? Widowed Twice
  • What is her Racial Ethnicity? African American
  • What is her Education? High school Diploma
  • What is her Profession? Ordained Leader of a Christian Congregation, or Pastor
  • How big is her family? 12 children, at least 28 grandchildren, and about 23 great grandchildren
  • How many siblings does she have? only 1 living
  • Where was she born, grew up, and moved to? Born in Smithfield, N.C.Moved to Wilson, N.C.
  • What is her health status? Good
  • What is her spirituality or religion? Christian
  • What is her life Story? Preaching and Pastoring for at least 35 years
  • Attitude Change Over The Years? Has always been reserved, with a caring and helping personality
  • Impact on Mental or Physical Changes? Frail knees, Can?t walk or stand for long periods at a time, but her is mental is still in superb condition; currently, she is still the active Pastor of her church.
  • How did she deal with being widowed twice? Since the passing of 2 husbands, Eloise has dedicated her life fully to God.
  • Who helps her with the chores and errands? Eloise only relies on 3, sometimes 4 of her children to help out with groceries, chores, and other laboring tasks.
  • Where does she live? Eloise, lives in Wilson, N.C., at a house with her Eldest daughter, who is 65.
  • What are the struggles with Eloise current living situation? At the age of 89, Eloise has some physical ailments, such as arthritis that affects her knees.As a result, she has to be transported with a wheelchair when preaching at least 1 Sermon every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

Special Instructions:

Correlate the information that was gathered from literature review and media review sources with the information created from the interview. Be sure to clearly identify the resources you are using when making the correlations. The media and literature sources required for this assignment will be given to you. Construct the interview, essay style, and use fillers if necessary, but find a way to correlate the interview with the required sources.

Additional Instructions:

Create a 2 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use the 6 sources given to you and incorporate it to build this assignment. Be sure to use in-text citations when appropriate.

Sources given to use:

Literature Sources:

Aaltonen, M., Raitanen, J., Comijs, H., & van Groenou, M. B. (2018). Trends in the use of care among people aged 65?85 with cognitive impairment in the Netherlands. Ageing & Society, 1-30.

Arnau, A., Espaulella, J., Serrarols, M., Canudas, J., Formiga, F., & Ferrer, M. (2016). Risk factors for functional decline in a population aged 75 years and older without total dependence: A one-year follow-up. Archives of gerontology and geriatrics, 65, 239-247.

Buckinx, F., Rolland, Y., Reginster, J. Y., Ricour, C., Petermans, J., & Bruyère, O. (2015). Burden of frailty in the elderly population: perspectives for a public health challenge. Archives of Public Health, 73(1), 19-26

Media Sources:

Cavanaugh, J. C., & Blanchard-Fields, F. (2018). Adult development and aging. Cengage Learning

McCreath, G. A., Linehan, C. M., & Mar, R. A. (2017). Can Differences in Word Frequency Explain Why Narrative Fiction Is a Better Predictor of Verbal Ability than Nonfiction?. Discourse Processes, 54(5-6), 373-381

Mlinac, M. E., & Feng, M. C. (2016). Assessment of activities of daily living, self-care, and independence. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 31(6), 506-516.

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