During your interview, relate the answers given by a healthcare leader at your organization to the ?Ten Concepts for Effective Leadership? on pages 263-266 of Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare (2nd ed.).

Ten Concepts of Effective Leadership
1. Have mentors.
2. Have fun.
3. Be a servant leader.
4. Be open-minded.
5. Be an executive instead of a caretaker.
6. Make other people stars.
7. Rounding
8. Surround yourself with great people.
9. Be prepared to find answers.
10. Look for solutions.

Image source: Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare (2nd Ed.), p. 263


  1. In this assignment, you will interview a leader in your organization, write a summary of the interview, and relate answers to the textbook readings. Complete the readings before you conduct your interview.
  2. To learn about transformational leadership and how it impacts the strategic planning process and how an organization staffs quality, in Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare (2nd ed.) read:
    1. Pages 32-41
    2. Chapter 2: Transformational Leadership Maximizes Strategic Planning
  3. To learn about the role leadership plays in strategic planning, read pages 263-266 in Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare. Reflect on how these 10 concepts apply to your proposal, especially in getting it accepted by the CEO.
  4. Contact a person in a position of leadership in your own healthcare setting to schedule an interview.
  5. Create a list of interview questions related to the leader?s ability to:
    1. multi-task
    2. prioritize and triage
    3. motivate employees
    4. efficiently run a facility
    5. think ahead of potential problems and seek solutions
    6. think ?outside the box? and implement change
  6. Design a few questions related to proposals that will help you gain insight on your final project, such as:
    1. What are the merits and defects of proposals you have seen come across your desk?
    2. What makes a proposal award-worthy, one that you accept, fund, and execute?
    3. What are the main reasons a proposal you review is accepted?
    4. Can you give an example of a proposal you accepted, and implemented?
    5. What are the main reasons a proposal you reviewed is denied?
  7. Conduct the interview using the questions you created.
  8. Write a summary of the interview. Reflect on the interview answers and discuss how they relate to the Ten Concepts for Effective Leadership on pages 263-266 in Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare and to your other textbook reading for this week.

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