Exploration 1: Myth Analysis

Choose one cosmogony myth from the readings or the podcast. (beginning and order)

  • Explain the type of Cosmogony myth Ex-nihilo, God-as creator, dismembered body etc.
  • Give the context of the culture that produced it, provide a picture or representation the myth if possible.
  • What similarities does it have with other creation myths that we have studied.

Next, analyze the myth using at least two different theoretical lenses, similar to what I did with Freud, Lacan and Oedipus.

To help you get started you might want to look for:

  • metaphors
  • motifs,
  • symbols
  • rituals,
  • power structures
  • magic

Your analysis should 250-300 words.

Leeming pg 15-67

Listen to at least one Creation Myth podcast

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