Activity 1: Investigate local companies in your area.

If your team is geographically diverse, you can select a company from any one of your areas. Use the graphics each member made to decide which company you will use.

Talk to individuals in the business if possible to find out whether and how they are involved in the global market.

Activity 2: Investigate specific companies on the internet that have moved into the global market.

Did it always turn out best?

What happened when Walmart went into Germany?

When Home Deport opened 12 stores in China?

Find a company to delve into more deeply to follow what happened when they moved into the global market.

Make a poster to show the move and all the factors and effects of that move.

Teams move around the room reviewing posters. Use post it notes to leave comments and questions for teams. Then teams review comments and questions and prepare responses.

Whole class reporting with responses.

Activity 3: Moving your company into the global market

Discuss with your team the pros and cons of moving the company you have chose into the global market. For online courses, the live brainstorming exercises are at the discretion of the instructor, and the brainstorming could be captured in the text field of the collaboration activity.

Together make a graphic your team can use to share pros and cons so that you can add to it as you move forward. This will help you make decisions about the agile implementation process you develop later.

Here are a few examples of graphic tools:

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