Section 1: Identify, Correct, and Explain the Errors (50 points, total)

In the following sentences, please complete the following:

– Circle/underline the error

– Identify the type of error (subject-verb disagreement, sentence fragment, non parallel list, etc.)

– Define the error (briefly describe why the error is incorrect)

– Rewrite the sentence without the error.

*note that some sentences may contain more than one error?correct them all. I put some punctuation errors in there, too :). You may have to add words and switch around phrases when correcting the sentences. If you have already described why an error is incorrect, please feel free to write “see number x for explanation.”


1. While mixing quite delicious Shirley temples, with ruby red syrup mixed in with bar spoons, the cherries spilled all over the floor, which upset me and Shirley.

corrected version:

2. Maria and Keri, frustrated at the first question, audibly complained to Professor Sam: “This is so stupid and so are you”, they said. She then swiftly up from her chair. But she sits back down after she realized her grave error.

corrected version:

3. After complaining and forgetting that Professor Sam is erroneously sensitive especially concerning his composition of grammatical errors, we found we enjoyed the test, no one minded that Professor Sams sentences were like that.

corrected version:

4. John was upset. Because he thought this test were going to be easier. Turns out he likes sitting in Sarah’s seat better than he likes grammar; an admirable quality.

corrected version:

5. I gave the test to a very excited CO 201 class. They cheered?”Grammar is awesome, we really love it,” crying tears of joy and appreciation. We really wonder who you plan on administering it to next!

corrected version:

6. Seeing that grammar can be very complicated, and yet exceedingly thrilling and useful knowledge for us to obtain. It matters to the whole lot of we in CO 201.

corrected version:

7. Okay that one was easier but do you think that you will be able to get this one, to correct the errors and ultimately scoring more highly than her?

corrected version:

8. After they had been baked in the oven for 35 minutes, Fannie and Freddie decided to add more sauce to the pizzas.

corrected version:


(real headline from The Charlotte Observer)

corrected version:


(real headline from San Francisco Chronicle)

corrected version:

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