To clarify the instructions: Write an APA paper with a PowerPoint presentation outlining the main points. The presentation would be something that you would introduce to board members to influence them. The presentation would be between 4-10 slides. Including everything, the entire Final Project should consist of 2500-3600 words. Quality and answering the outline is a priority.

Using materials drawn from the previous assignment, students will be divided into teams to conduct research based on the criteria established, and develop a comprehensive International Business plan proposal with cost analysis. Evaluation criteria would include the following 10 areas:

  1. How will the mission and vision of the business compliment the expansion?
  • Will this be a new department or division of existing market; or a new subsidiary?
  • Company strengths, in terms of finances, project management, etc.
  1. Market size and growth trends
  • Entering a market into which owners have a level of comfort
  • Needs in this market ? alignment with objectives?
  • Availability of incentives for business development
  • Market conditions
    1. Customer demand
    2. Growth in affiliated industries
    3. Available labor
  1. Local competitive environment
  • Other similar businesses/projects in development
  • Potential profit margins (is this attainable?)
  1. General business climate and specific climate for this industry
  • Availability of qualified consultants and agents
  • Threats from inflation, foreign competitors, or privatization
  • Availability of channel partners (brokers, marketing tools, etc.)
  1. Legal and compliance barriers
  • Laws for private ownership
  • Market entry barriers
  • Other administrative regulations and ?red tape?
  1. Location in terms of culture, climate, geography and topography
  • The host country?s ability and means to support business development
  • Logistics: rail, ports, roadways?
  • How these topographical factors would affect opportunities for exchange?
  1. Financial and economic forces
  • Government stability
  • Taxation and interest rates
  • Pricing Challenges
  • Challenges of foreign currency
  • Financing the projects
    1. Availability of funding and sources
  1. Partnership opportunities or available local agents
  • Open to Acquisition / Joint Ventures
  • Sourcing products and resources from local suppliers
  1. Intangibles OR Showstoppers ?factors that might sway a marginal opportunity into a great one; or possibly something that ?looks great on paper? but has too much risk:
  • Timing of development ? how quickly will they look to turn a profit after initial site identification?
  • Estimated costs of project: provide some idea of what it will cost to get started
  • Other intangibles ? government instability; or the Olympics to be held here; etc.
  1. Finally ? Cost of entry, plan for expansion, 2-3 yr objectives for when venture will be cash-positive

Of course, know that you should follow APA format; citing sources. Use good grammar; good PPT quality with strong content support.

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