total word count: 350

Ticket Stubs

Ticket stubs are a brief writing / response assignment designed to be 1-2 pages. The ticket stub will be submitted through a VeraCite link on canvas to check for plagiarism. The ticket stub is designed to be completed after watching one of the films assigned in weeks 4-6 of the course (Network, Do the Right Thing, and Mad Max: Fury Road). In the course of answering ONE (1) of the following prompts make sure to state early in your Ticket Stub what the argument of your paper is. Include evidence from the films in your answer to support your argument. Ticket Stub 1 will be due Wednesday November 14, 11:59 pm PST. Ticket Stubs are expected to present a strong overall argument identifying a key theme from the film and use evidence from the film to support this argument while answering the prompt. If you use outside materials in the paper you MUST cite your sources.

1) The film ?Network? was released in 1976 some 25 years before the internet was common place in American households. Identify a key political theme from the film (and what evidence from the film supports this) and discuss how it still relates to todays world (if it does at all)

2) The film ?Do the Right Thing? culminates in an explosive and violent climax that tends to stay with audience members long after viewing. Often, analyses of the film associate the title of the film with this scene, wondering if certain characters ?did the right thing? with different viewers applying it to different characters with different analyses. Discuss how the title of the film and the climax of the film at the pizza shop riot add to or interact with the larger overall meaning(s) of the film.

3) ?Mad Max: Fury Road? used a framing technique known as crosshair framing or center framing. This allowed the important visual information to be kept largely to one spot ? in the center of the frame. One reason for this technique was that it allowed for rapid cuts to take place, enhancing momentum for the viewer, without worrying about the viewer losing track of the action. Discuss this and also other ways the viewing experience was impacted by this decision to frame the action in the center of the screen, especially in a movie such as Fury Road that has a substantial percentage of women comprising its core cast and how does this tie into larger themes of the film.

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