For this assignment you will read the summary, and then you will answer the 2 questions please respond with 100 words for each question.

In part 4 of Shermer’s book ” Why people believe wierd things” He speaks of history in contrast to pseudohistory. He examines those that deny that the holocaust ever happened and makes his case that it did happen with much evidence. Then then gives us some insight on some racial topics that are viewed by some from certain perspectives.

Fallacy 1) In the section “Pigeonholes and Continuums” (p251) The conception that we originated from Africa is based on human bones that originated in Africa but what many are not aware of , is that the Chinese government does not allow the kind of excavation that are allowed in Africa so until we have done a thorough searched there, we should not get too excited and jump to conclusions as shermer did. Soon he might be saying he is , Chinese,German,Greek and then American.

Fallacy 2) Shermer writes that Evolution has been proven, ” Evolution, for example, is proved by the convergence of evidence”(p214) If that’s the case then why is there still the missing link between Neanderthals and humans. He writes this in the holocaust section to prove a point in reference to the methods used to prove his case but his point is missing an important link to give him credibility so this only weakened his case. he should have just left that out.

Fallacy 3) In page 204 he strongly speaks of Jews being the ones victimized and although I believe this, It would have been smart to get DNA tests on some of the surviving victims today that still give testimonies to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were in fact Jews.

2 Questions

Q 1) Do you think that if they find new evidence in China, they will change the Science and history books.

Q 2) Do you think that all Jews are from the line of Judah or that some were Israelites from the 12 original tribes.

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