For those who are not well versed in the world market and desire to take foothold of that venture, utilizing trade intermediaries (perceived as consults and mentors with the entrepreneur?s business authority) assists in building relationships to proceed with foreign trade. This approach is beneficial when one is not well aware of the knowledge, resources, or confidence to go global alone (Scarborough & Cornwall, 2015). Some advantages entail the building of international sales at an increased rate, immediate marketing, avoidance of known hassles and mistakes, a learning opportunity for the business owner, and credible resources available to assist in the down-select of the trade intermediaries. Thorough research is highly encouraged, to include conducting interviews, credit checks, and attending trade shows. The primary disadvantage is loss of control (surrendering control over the foreign sales), higher expenses, lower revenue, lack of direct contact with customers, and the business product will be represented amongst many others that are being managed by the intermediary (Jensen, 2018).

An example is the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board – collects cacao beans in Ghana and licenses trading firms to process the commodity (Britannica.com, 2018).


Joint ventures are a great way for a company to enter a foreign market because they leverage the knowledge and expertise of a partner local to the country where they want to do business. A company cannot simply start selling their products in a different country. China has vastly different distribution channels compared to the US, as well as mountains of regulations that need to be understood and businesses need to abide by. Forming a joint venture is a great way to deal with many of these unknowns. If a US company wanted to access the Chinese market, they could form a joint venture with a local company in the same industry, and each share their knowledge, as well as the costs of doing business to their combined benefit. The US company may contribute capital to set-up a factory, as well as their product designs. The Chinese company would help manage local regulations and laws, would help identify labor to work at the new factory, and would assist in tailoring the product they intend to offer to the Chinese market.

Several years ago, Jaguar Land Rover entered into a joint venture with the Chinese automobile company Chery Automobile. JLR invested over one billion pounds to build a factory in China and tailor their vehicles to the Chinese market, in an attempt to break into the world’s second largest economy.

Ebony Franklin


Samuel Johnson’s critic of William Shakespeare King Lear, is agreeable because King Lear died due to his own selfish pride. His pride caused the deaths of many people through out the play including the deaths Cordelia, his beloved daughter. Perhaps, she had to “perish” so that King Lear could feel the sting of justice. King Lear had to die a painful death for what he had done. The point that Johnson is making, I believe is that Cordelia’s death should never have happened. In the end she should’ve been the Heroine that ended up in Power.

King Lear’s ending is something that was predestined. I feel this to be true based on “the natural ides of justice” (CSU, 2018). King Lear’s deceitfulness against his beloved Cordelia was just cause for his painful death. Samuel was right in saying “the wicked prosper, and the virtuous miscarry” (CSU, 2018). Throughout the play all the bad people seemed to have gotten ahead such as Goneril, Regan and Edmund. All three characters are seen in disgracefulness. Edmund sets a plan to pit his father against his other son Edgar. Goneril and Regan conspire to overthrow their father and take what is rightfully his. Cordelia is the one who can see through all of their mess but she must suffer ultimately as the “virtuous miscarry”. However, it is still up to the audience to decided if Cordelia’s death was warranted or if she could’ve been spared. Samuel was able to see the flaws within Shakespeare’s representation of justice.


It would seem that what Samuel Johnson was wanting was the happy endings that follow so many stories, plays and movies. While this wasn?t about true love or its first kiss. It was about the relationship between a father and daughter. A relationship that was strong in the beginning all but faded when she didn?t profess her love like King Lear wanted. It was much later in the play she made her return. Once her father realizes the mistake he made, he find Cordelia to see if she will forgive him and look after him since the other siblings have turned against him. Edmund sends Cordelia and Lear to be hanged, only to repent once Goneril and Regan have died. Before he can get someone to save them, Cordelia has already been hanged. This is what Johnson means by ?the wicked prosper and the virtuous miscarry.? I do agree with Johnson, that it is another tragic Shakespeare play in which the innocent must perish while the evil continue to thrive.

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