Unit II Scholarly Activity

This scholarly activity asks that you identify a non-governmental organization (NGO) that responds to major disasters or public health emergencies. You are tasked with creating a company profile that will be loaded into a new website. You have also been asked to create an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for the website that addresses how the NGO would or could partner with a government organization to respond to a disaster or emergency. Explain how the organization compares to other organizations, and define the benefits of a public-private partnership.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages in length?one page for your company profile and at least one page (five questions) for your FAQs. The title page and reference page (if applicable) do not count towards your two pages. You must cite any websites or resources used to in constructing your profile. Do not copy existing advertisements or material. This must all be original content. Outside sources are not a requirement for this scholarly activity. If sources are used, including the textbook, they must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted materials must have accompanying citations in accordance with APA standards.


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