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Of the four views the stoic, Christian, Buddhist and Confucian views of the human condition I believe in the Christian view of the problem. I agree with the Christian view the most because I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ died for me and atoned for all mankind. I believe in the principle of repentance through the blood and name of Christ. I don?t feel that the stoic version of knowledge alone as virtue or the Confucian version that good relationships are key to virtue. I slightly agree with the Buddhist view that realizing the true nature of reality is key to virtue. But I feel as humans we are weak and make mistakes and fall short at times and that we then stand in need of god?s help love and mercy. I feel that the stoicism view of logos that divine knowledge alone can liberate you spiritually from the corrupt world just doesn?t hold water for me. I believe in the Idea of grace and knowledge alone doesn?t agree with the belief of grace I have. The apathea view of detachment form worldly goals and the complacency of accepting your natural state in life doesn?t align with what I believe because I believe in eternal progression. I believe in the sin recompense concept because I believe in the death and resurrection of Christ as well as repentance through Christ.

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