This examination is an individual assignment. You may not consult with any other class members or outside contacts.

You may use any materials submitted or posted to the ulearn class room as long as it is properly cited.

In preparation to completing the exam you should:

Organize all your previously submitted assignments and have them open and available. They will be helpful for the final exam.

Type your responses in Microsoft Word and then upload the finished exam to this assignment submission area.

Use credible and relevant sources in your submission. You must include a list of references in MLA format for each question after your answer.

Contact me immediately if you have any problems submitting your responses.

Examination Questions:

There are a total of five (5) essay question topics on the final exam. Pick three (3) questions to answer. Each question will be worth 33.33 points for a possible total of 100 points.

Each of the questions is designed to test your knowledge of a particular topic that we have discussed throughout the term. Perhaps more importantly, the questions are designed to evaluate your ability to apply these topics operationally and your ability to understand the interrelatedness of these topics.

The depth and quality of discussion in your response is far more important than the length of the submission.

You should strive to pattern your response by:

  • addressing the question directly,
  • offering your understanding,
  • supporting your argument with credible sources and
  • offering a summary conclusion.

To receive full credit you must use credible and relevant sources in your submission. You must include a list of references in MLA format for each of your responses.

Final Examination Questions:

1. What is service? And, how would you differentiate the generalization of the concept of service from ?appropriate service? based on operational variables such as; type of operation, target customer, service style, meal periods, and menus offered?

2. What are the different types of service styles? Pick (2) styles and explain when and why you would use the styles. Explain how the selection of the service style affects customers, employees, and management.

3. Based on the table top picture below at the start of service (seating) offer some thoughts about the potential operational variables (type of operation, target customer, service style, meal periods, menu (s) offered, menu price point, staffing needs to execute service of courses and reset?) you can discern from the FOH equipment selected. Be specific when explaining why you are associating each FOH item to an operational variable. What other additional equipment would you expect to see as the customer?s meal progresses from initial seating to completion?


4. We spent a good amount of time this term discussing how well planned and executed human resource employment function help to attain the business goals of higher employee retention and employee satisfaction. First outline and briefly explain all the phases of a well planned employment hiring process. Select one typical staff position (job title) in a restaurant and describe how this employee would be sourced, interviewed, selected, and trained based upon the phases you described.

5. It will become increasingly important for the next generation of restaurant managers to embrace the use of new technologies in an effort to remain competitive. Discuss the current technologies being implemented in terms of their ability to increase sales or reduce costs, obtain customer feedback, and improve employee satisfaction.

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