Discuss 3 topics of culture from any country you like that are not widely known to the outside world.

Use this forum to discuss 3 examples of things not widely known about the culture of your home country.


  1. In China, when addressing someone in a business capacity, it is common to use the person’s title and their last name. “Good afternoon Manager Zhang.” “Hello Team Leader Wong.”
  2. In Chile, many of the locals, particularly the older generation, doesn’t really like a lot of diversity, they prefer to work and socialize with other Chileans. Thus, as a foreigner, you have to work really hard to become a respected member of the business class.
  3. In Nigeria, if you get pulled over by the police, they will expect a bribe in order to let you continue on your way.


  • Discuss 3 examples you can think of from your home country that foreigners might not necessarily know about. If you want to discuss another country you are familiar with, this is fine as well.
  • After writing your 3 examples in this forum, read the other students examples and write your next individual paper.
  • Your individual paper should include 3 examples of cultural issues not widely known to foreigners.
  • Your individual paper is 2-pages in length and should follow the submission guidelines in the syllabus.
  • You individual paper should include at least 1 example that you read from another student.
  • Your grade will consist of the following points:
    • 6 points for writing content and grammar; 2 points for your comments in the forum; 2 points for submission format and turning in the paper on time.

YouTube vedio on cultural differences to help with writing.

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