Listen to the podcast of NPR?s Fresh Air show interviewing the two authors of How Democracies Die. However, you can also find the interview at https://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcrip… you have listened to the interview, type an essay answering the following prompts related to the radio interview:

a.Summarize the main contention of the authors as it relates to how democracies die. Be sure to describe their theoretical model in detail.

b.Summarize the historical examples that have fit their theoretical model.

c.Describe how the United States fits, or does not fit, their model.

d.Overall, do you agree with their conclusions? (Try not to use ?first person?.)

-If you agree entirely, or in part, explain why.

-If you disagree entirely, or in part, explain why.

e.Regardless of your position, project the political, social and cultural future of the United States in a post -Trump America. How will government institutions function? How will the Presidency be transformed, if at all? Will democracy thrive? Has it ever in the U.S.? Essentially, you will conclude this paper by analyzing the institutions and society of the United States to determine its overall democratic health.

Presentation and Approach: DO NOT list answers in your essay by prompt ?a? then prompt ?b? etc… Rather, I want you to incorporate your answers to the prompts into a fluid, seamless essay that uses topic sentences and paragraphs to transition from sub-topic to sub-topic. This writing assignment combines different types of essay focus. It is in part a critique, almost a review, of the information from the podcast (i.e., the authors? theory from their book). It is also an opinion piece on your part. Most opinion pieces come in the form of OpEds (OpinionEditorials) that are published daily in newspapers. I have provided you some OpEd examples in the Canvas module. Opinion pieces are meant to be compact and powerful. There should not be a wasted word. They are good exercises that train writers to be disciplined in how they construct sentences, paragraphs and thoughts. That is my intent and motive for assigning this essay for the semester; to have you develop your writing in a meaningful way. (Actually, published OpEds are much shorter than what I am assigning to you.)

Also, in this particular instance, I am forcing you to write about a particular topic. In most other cases, writers submit opinion pieces for publication based on the subject matter they are interested in writing about. However, for the purposes of this class, I want you to write about democracy, as analyzed by the authors being interviewed. It is essentially an opinion piece that evaluates their work and theory. This is an analytical opinion/critique es say. Thus, you do not need a works cited page/bibliography, unless you use outside sources. If you do use outside sources, you will then need to provide a citation page. This is not a research paper, per se, but if you do not have an ?informed? opinion, then your academic Op/Ed has little merit and value. Thus, background research is a case by case basis. ****************That said, if your paper does not make clear to me that you listened to and understood the entirety of the podcast information you will not receive credit for your submission.*************

******************Your opinion essay shall not be more than 1500 words. 1500 words equate to three pages single spaced or 6 pages double spaced, approximately. However, you must have at least 1,200 words minimum. The papers are to be single spaced. I require one inch margins, page numbers, a title and your name at the top of the page. You must have an identifiable thesis statement within the essay.

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