Gretel Banos

St. Thomas University

NUR 501

Dr. Roberts

June 14.2021


The nursing of caring theory is based on the assumption that nursing is a situation that encompasses a sharing living experience, which enhances personhood, a situation whereby people live together with their relationships grounded on caring. Nursing and personhood interact to bring the basic nursing concept of providing patients? care (Sofronas etal., 2018). Indeed, in a typical nursing system, patients and nurses practice personhood in a shared lived experience. As such, self-respect and respect for others are critical to affirm personhood. The concepts of the personhood model, including person, health, environment, and nursing, grounds its use in the nursing as caring theory.


Person is a core concept of personhood, conceptualized regarding the humanistic philosophical perspective. According to McCarthy and Landers (2010), the concept is based on the belief that every individual should be respected as unique human beings. The model requires both the nurse and the patients to be considered unique individuals comprised of different emotional, biological, and spiritual dimensions. The dimensions interrelate to form the basic nursing concept. More importantly, being a person means experiencing and appreciating others, which depicts caring. Personal engagement between nurses and patients bases nursing caring theory, which is practical during nursing processes.


Health is a personhood concept, conceptualized as the individuals? ability to live independently in society. In this case, the main nursing goal is to optimize health goals and well-being. The concept depicts the basic personhood philosophy of caring and growing in caring, congruent with the nursing of caring theory. Regarding nursing as a caring perspective, personhood is a universal human call (Mckey et a., 2016). As such, the fulfillment of personhood as a human call is enhanced through caring relationships reflected in the caring and growing in caring philosophy that support nursing of caring theory.


Environment as a personhood concept accounts for the context in which nursing care is conducted. The nursing of caring theory depicts caring as the act of living in the relational responsibilities? context while recognizing the importance of knowing and living with people the way they are. Similarly, personhood is about people living together while caring for each other through partitions in nurturing working relationships. Therefore, the personhood concept acknowledges the importance of an environment that nurtures caring relationships, in line with the nursing of caring theory.


Nursing is a branch of medicine that focuses on the individual willingness to follow directions while applying psychomotor skills. According to Nancy (2017), nursing as a personhood concept encompasses several caring processes, including maintaining a belief, being with, and knowing. The processes have varied functions that relate to the caring theory of nursing and personhood. Maintaining belief involves the methods applied in nursing to approach the notion that holds that developmental challenges and medical issues imply personal meaning to the patients. It allows for transitioning to various life events and the creation of a positive view of the future, deriving a meaning that supports caring. Knowing justifies the need for nurses to understand themselves to appreciate the patients? lived realities. Conversely, being with is about the emotional connections created between patients and nurses, which bases the nurses? ability to build connectedness with the patients.

Overall, the personhood concepts? model, including person, health, environment, and nursing, explains the caring theory. The first concept dwells on the emotional, biological, and spiritual human aspects required to build a working nurse-patient relationship. Moreover, the ?health concept? encompasses fulfillment of the human call of caring, while the ?environment concept? is about people living together while caring for each other through partitions in nurturing working relationships. On the other hand, the ?nursing concept? involves several caring processes used in maintaining a belief, being with, and knowing. Therefore, the personhood concepts are based on caring philosophies that applicable in care theory.


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