A 10 page double-spaced (excluding title, abstract, and references) APA 6 paper will be due half way through the course.

A minimum of (10) peer-reviewed articles from academic databases such as: PsycArticles or Ebscohost databases http://www.palmbeachstate.edu/library/articles-and… must be used in your research paper. Peer-reviewed articles must also have been published in the past 5 years. Federal, State, government, medical, and reputable news sources may only be used as supplemental references – in addition to the 10 peer-reviewed journal articles. APA 6 information may be obtained from:




Paper must have:

History of topic, current trends on psychosis, problems & treatments (current), and any other important information.

A sample APA template is listed under Course Materials. While additional APA 6 templates may be purchased or obtained from an accredited/ reputable college, you will need to correct outdated information as needed for Research Paper..

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