Now that Cherie has approved the iShirt campaign goals, the next phase is to create an
influencer strategy. Keeping in mind that the iShirt is Apple?s first venture into the
fashion industry, upper management has agreed to allocate a budget for influencer
marketing. This is a great opportunity to increase buzz and awareness for this launch
and capitalize on user-generated content (UGC) to repurpose in Apple?s marketing

In Phase Three of the social media marketing plan (SMMP), you will propose three
influencers that work best with Apple?s iShirt campaign. This report should cover the
? Which three influencers should Apple choose to collaborate with? ? Consider the
brand fit, which includes the influencer’s voice, style, and content focus/aesthetic.
Their social media engagement may also play a role in this decision.
? What should Apple?s goals be for these partnerships?
? Explain why you chose these influencers to represent Apple ? Think about the
influencer category they fall under and the benefits of collaborating specifically
with them.
? The deliverables for each influencer collaboration ? What is the scope of the
collaboration? Key elements include:
o The content types.
o The number of posts the influencer will create.
o The social channels where the content will be published.
o Timeline in relation to the iShirt product launch.
There are multiple ways to find influencers for brand collaborations, including influencer
discovery websites and directly searching individual social platforms. In this case, we
recommend searching for appropriate hashtags and keywords through Instagram or
YouTube. Please refer to Chapter 10 in the textbook and the video included.? How to find influencers:

***** This Phase 3 submission will become part of your final project *****
Here are the requirements for the Phase 3 part of your final plan:
? Using the Phase Three Worksheet provided in the assignment, create a one-two
page paper describing the Phase 3 part of your final plan (plus separate
Reference page).
? Include at least 2 separate credible resources to back up the details of your plan.
? This is a business course so spelling, grammar & professional business writing
format count.
? Refer to the final Social Media Marketing Plan for assignment details and grading

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