you will be selecting a topic and conducting some research to provide your Cohort-mates with a brief secondary source on the topic you selected. You should choose ONE of the following topics (I have provided some suggestions of things to look for on that topic) from the time period spanning the 1870s to about 1910: Native Americans in the West (Wounded Knee, Battle of Little Bighorn, Dawes Severalty Act, General Custer, Little Crow, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull) African Americans in the West (Buffalo Soldiers, Madame CJ Walker, Black Cowboys) Chinese in the West (Chinese Exclusion Act, Transcontinental Railroad, Angel Island) Mining in the West (Tombstone, AZ, Gold Rush in California, Female Miners (A Mine of Her Own) Imperialism (Spanish-American War, The USS Maine, Philippines Conflict, anti-Imperialism).For your FIRST POSTING, you should: Choose ONE of the above topics and identify which Topic you chose in your posting. Conduct internet research (please avoid sites like Wikipedia and focus on more educationally-focused sites like, and most .edu sites) on your topic. Write a summary of the topic you chose and summarize the interesting information you found on that topic (you can also use OB and Lecture, alongside your internet research). Be sure to cite where you found all of your information (i.e. what websites did you use; use quotation marks when you use wording directly from a source/website)! Draw some conclusions about how the topic you chose and learned about explains: the independent West; the post-Civil War era; the development of racism; or the growth of American nationalism and super power status (use whichever of these these themes that apply to your topic!).

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