American Horizons Volume 2 Ch 25 Primary Sources


1.Do you agree with the American Air Force Association that the exhibit plan was “politically biased?”

2.Is there a way to present such a controversial topic without cultural or political bias?


1.What are some of the options indicated for the former “Rosies” in the post-war economy?

2.How does the article explain the striking decline in women workers?

3.Do the statistics on types of wartime employment change your perception of women workers during WWII?


1.Some historians believe that the G.I. Bill represents the most significant federal welfare program in American history. Is the G.I. Bill welfare?

2.Roosevelt mentions two motives for supporting this legislation–What are they?


1.Why do you think Du Bois took his argument about American civil rights to world forums?

2.What is the relationship between the rhetoric of the Cold War and the civil rights movement?

3.Was Du Bois’s strategy of strongly criticizing the United States in global forums wise?

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