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Marx and Smilesbothdisagreed on the cause of the poor state of the working class.  Smiles thoughtthat it was the workers responsibilty and attitude that casued them to be poor and uncivilzed. He believed that they needed to be trained in other to have good habits, such as saving for their future and drinking less, in order to become more like the upper class.  Marx on the other hand believed it was the upper-class business owners that were holding the lower-class workers down.  He believed that unless the working class revolted against the upper class they would never be able to achieve wealth.  They would both agree that selfishness is a cause of the misery of workers.

I think the silk weavers would find Marx views appealing because Marx said in The Communist Manifesto that more production means more workers, more workers mean more pay, and more pay mean the price of goods/production goes up. I think Bentley and Johnston would believe in Marx views because he believed that everyone should be equal. He believed in the middle class.Working-class men and women would find the ideas of Karl Marx appealing because they were working long, grueling hours for little pay in terrible conditions. The ideas of Marxism let them believe that they could over throw the upper class and have all the wealth and power that they had.  No one would be above them any longer.  They were tired of being treated like lower class citizens and making the rich richer. The artisans might have found Marxism appealing because they were basically put out of business by the larger, more efficient factories.  They were forced to work hard, long hours in stone quarries, instead of the weaving they loved.  The idea of revolting against the upper class so everyone was on the same level might appeal to them.

It looked very crowded, also looked very hot and unorganized. From the readings we know that children worked crazy hours five in the morning until 9 at night. They barely ate because they had no appetite, or they lived very far from the factory. The workers in the picture look tired from being on their feet all day. These documents help to provide an understanding of class during the early industrial era by allowing us to see what a life was like for different people.  These documents allow you to clearly see how the factory worker’s life was clearly different than the factory owner.  You can see how one group of people are impoverished and work long, hard hours, while another group does less but reaps the benefits.

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