This assignment will help you think about how learning happens in all organisms and how the basic behavioristic ideas are applicable to everyday situations.Please refer back to your textbook(see attachment) and watch the following video( ) called Use the information from these two sources to write a well-organized answer (2-3 paragraphs) to the following prompt.What type of learning do the following examples illustrate? If your answer is classical conditioning, name the US, UR, CS and CR, and state whether there is any higher-order conditioning involved. If your answer is operant conditioning, name the schedule of reinforcement. One year, a UCLA student spent his entire summer feeding birds at the Coliseum (where cross town rival USC plays football) wearing a black and white striped shirt, and blowing a whistle. On the day of the first USC game, the referee walked onto the field and blew his whistle. The game had to be delayed for an hour until the birds were cleared from the field. In Bombay, the buses seem to operate on the luck of the draw. Some days they come as soon as you get to the bus stop. Other days you have to wait a long time. On days when the bus drivers are on strike, people wait for a very long time before they tire and take another mode of transportation home.

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