Do you think children conceived by donor sperm and/or egg insemination should be told about this? Why or why not. Cite and think outside of the box. Please Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

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laray goff,

Yes I do believe that children conceived by donor sperm should know. This is because we as humans have a natural tendency to want to know where we came from what we are made of such as different cultures and do we have any other siblings or relatives. It will also open their minds and eyes to the many different ways women can have children for themselves and their friends. And then one must ponder what if this child is born to parents of the same sex? Or the woman couldn’t carry her pregnancy to full term thus forcing her to use donor eggs or surrogacy. This will eventually end up being a topic of discussion for that family so be forth coming once a child is old enough to understand. In my opinion it’s always better that our children learn all their information about themselves from us the parents because society has a way of being cruel by twisting something so beautiful and thoughtless into a shameful selfish act. So being open and honest is the only way I see all the information given will be true and correct. We must remember we shape our relationships with our children and keeping the slightest of secrets can be detrimental in the long run.

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Dyanna Barajas
Professor Addison
Bio/Psyc 11
10 February 2020

Children who are conceived by donor sperm and/or egg insemination should be told how they are created. They should be told how they are created because their parents might be gay, lesbian, those who arent able to have kids naturally and those who have issues. There is children who have a lot of questions when they realize they do not look like their parents. I think when a child or children realize how they don’t look like their parents, that will be hard topic to talk about because they might not understand yet they will still need to be told how they were created.

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