For this assignment, you will use the same case selected for Unit 5 assignment and analyze the sections of the treatment plan template. This treatment plan will address both the addiction and any co-occurring mental health diagnoses identified in Unit 5 assignment. The conclusions reached in Unit 5 assignment regarding the specific DSM-based diagnoses, strengths, and challenges should take into consideration any feedback from your instructor. Make any needed revisions to Unit 5 assignment before developing the treatment plan. Include your revised assessment summary (the last section of Unit 5 assignment) as part one of this assignment. Follow the template provided to formulate a treatment plan for your selected case.

Assignment Instructions

  • Identify a specific counseling theory that will guide interventions to work with the client and family system.
  • Analyze the cultural considerations for the case and how the theory will guide multicultural appropriate application.
  • Based upon the assessment summary, analyze the appropriate level of care.
  • Analyze systemic interventions addressing how to include the primary support persons in treatment.
  • Analyze referrals that may be needed and a plan to coordinate with other treatment professionals.

You are encouraged to use course readings to support your treatment plan. Please note that optional articles can be easily accessed by copying and pasting the title of the article into the search box for Summon on the landing page of the Capella University Library.

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