Assume you are an intern at a?psychologist’s?office. You are questioning the use of the DSM for diagnosing clients. Your supervisor has asked you to write a critique of the DSM in reference to the diagnosis of PTSD, which she?asks you to?present in?your?next supervision meeting.

Write?a?700- to?1,050-word?executive summary of your critique of the DSMÂ’s diagnostic?accuracy?and cultural sensitivity in diagnosing PTSD.

Include?each of the following?in?your summary:

Critique the diagnostic?accuracy?and cultural sensitivity of the DSM-5 diagnosis of PTSD.

Include an analysis of the strengths and opportunities for how PTSD is characterized in the DSM-5.

Evaluate?the strengths and weaknesses?of other?available?diagnostic?systems,?including their evaluation technique?for PTSD.

Review the DSM-5 for?other diagnoses that contain the DSM-5 criteria for PTSD.?Describe any you find.


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